The last time I moved to a new apartment I had one of the hottest sexual experiences of my life. I had the pleasure and privilege of eating
a massive load form a huge Russian guy that moved my furniture. On many occasions since then he as been back to watch movies, have a
beer and jerkoff. I have never been allow to suck or touch him. But he always feeds me his load. Has he was leaving on his last visit he said

"You pay 200 dollar, I tell friends . You will have allot of sperms to eat."

I always paid him 40 bucks for his loads. The offer sounded intriguing and exciting!

The hottest sex is often the most dangerous. I knew this guy was little sketchy , but the thought of getting that much straight cum was
to hard to resist. I agreed to the 200 dollars and he told me he would call in a few days to arrange things.

Two days later I received the call. He told me had has arranged to have 6 guys come by! I would pay him the money and he would
pay the guys. I suspect he getting them for cheap and pocketing most of the money for himself.

They would come over tomorrow, he asked that I have beer and a good prono ready for them. He was also clear that I was not
touch the guys and they were only comfortable with me watching and the eating the cum.

"You will like all cocks, they make cum for you to eat" You pay first.

I was a nervous wreck the whole next day. I called my friend and explained what I was doing. He was told me I was a nut job, but
but said he would stay by the phone in case I needed him. I kept my cellphone, in my front pants pocket with his number on speed-dial.

The set time, came and went. I waited by the window to see If I could see his van arrive. Finally, 20 mins late, his van drove into the
driveway. When the van door opened I almost fainted. Six Incredibly large, fit , masculine guys come pouring out. The youngest looked
about 21, the oldest 40ish.

I was trembling with fear and anticipation. The doorbell rang, and they all walked in. Demitry, quickly directed them to the livingroom in Russian.
They all sat down and starting drinking the beer I put out on the table for them. Demitry and I went into the kitchen and I paid him his money.

"You like guys I get for you" he asked in his broken English

" Yes"I said "very much so"

We both walked back to the living room. Demitry started taking in Russian again. I guess he made a few jokes, because the guy all started to
laugh. He then made a toast , by holding up his beer, blah blah..more Russian, then he grabbed his cock through is pants and they all laughed loudly.

He motioned for me to sit on the floor. " you stay here, open your mouth , you will get many sperms"

Once Demitry started to unbutton his pants, they all followed his lead.

I thought my own jeans would explode from the pressure as I watch these incredibly hot Russians guys take out their beautiful uncut cocks.

None of the cocks where hard yet, but they were all enormous! The youngest guy in the group had the biggest cock. It was truly massive in both
length and girth. It had a thick foreskin that hung forward into the long peak.

One of the other guys was totally hairy. When he unbuttoned his jeans there was a thick mass of black hair. He beautiful uncut cock lay un top of the
hairy mound. The movie and beer was relaxing everyone and several of the guys were already hard.

Demitry occasionally made comments and seemed to entertain the group.Most of which I did not understand, except for sexual comments about
the women in the movies, and he ended and couple of sentences with the word faggot.

Only 20 mins into the whole scenario and I was about to receive my first load.

The hairy guy, stood up groaned "I cum, I cum" I stumbled towards me, his pants around his ankles. He stopped with his cock just inches away from
my face. As he continued to stroke his uncut cock I could smell the musky odor of his foreskin. Another loud grunt, and I felt a thick blast of
hot cum wash against the back of my throat. It was following by four more. A truly massive amount of jizz was dumped into my open throat.

The other guys yelled and made comments, seemed an equal mix of humor and disgust. The guy squeezed out the last few drops and I licked my lips
to get every last drop.

The youngest guy came next. His cock had now reached an alarming size. I have sucked allot of cocks in my day, but this was without a doubt
the biggest. I was extremely long and thick. And even though it was completed hard, the foreskin still covered the head and had extra left over.
He was stroking very vigorously, his pants hang off his muscular hairy legs. His body tensed ever more, he come closer to my mouth I could almost taste
his foreskin. I heard him say something in Russian, that seemed to mean he was about to cum. He pulled his foreskin forward and shoot his load into the loose
foreskin. I filled completed and then overflowed into my mouth. I could see the foreskin overflow with thick pure white cum. I was a long slow cumshot. The
kind of load that just oozing out for minutes. Huge globs of his cum fell into my mouth and unto my face. I licked up every drop. His cock deflated and the
foreskin glistened with the his spent spunk. He went back to the sofa.

Things were really moving along now. All the guys were making serious assault against their huge cock. Another guys left the sofa and came forward. This
was the older guys, around 40 but in excellent shape. He was perhaps the most scary of the group a real no bullshit kick your ass kinda guy. He was
dressed in what looked like work clothing, or at least clothing that had not be washed in many days. Has he stepped closer I could smell his uncut cock.
It looked like it had not been cleaned in ages. The foreskin was covered in dick cheese, and his intense jerking had made it all come loose and the musky
smell was intense.

"You want cum Faggot" he barked.
I was surprised, he spoke perfect English.
"Open you fuckin mouth you little cocksuckin faggot, I hope you like cheese with that, my cock has not been washed in several weeks."
I was a little turned off by that and tired to turn my head away.
"Don't turn away form me" He grabbed by hair and held my head inches away from his cock.
His load blasted everywhere. He had aimed for my mouth , but it went all over my face, hair and eyes.
He load was massive, and everytime I thought he was finished another blast exploded onto my face.

"Happy now, you twisted little fuck" he said has he walked back to the sofa.
"did you like that" Demitry asked " that was a homless guy from down on the docks, I knew you would like that"

The 3 remaining guys all looked ready, Demitry motioned for them to approach me. I could tell some of them were a little grossed out by
the cum all over my face. But they still continued to jerkoff. They all focused on the porno and keep jerking. I did not see much of the last cumshots
unfold, since the first cumshot blast on my face and into my eyes. It seemed like 5 mins of load grunts and hot cum blasting into my open mouth
and onto my face entire face was covered, theses must have not cum in weeks, I sure each guy shot half a cup of jizz.

I next heard Demitry approach. He had come from the kitchen.
I heard him say, "lets get all the sperm for you faggot." I felt some cool scrap against by face and then I felt a cum filled spoon enter my mouth.
Demitry always made an effort of come up with kinky things, because I would reward him with extra cash. He really out did himself this time. It was
so hot to have a straight stud, feed me all this straight cum, and with a spoon no less.

All the guys let except demitry and the youngest guy with the really big dick.

"I fuck you " , "you pay 100" I fuck you". the young guy said.

I could not believe my luck, I so wanted to fell that enormous cock inside. But I thought the none of the guys would go for it.
"I fuck good", "I made girl cum many times"

He walked over and pushed me face first against the floor. He pulled down my track pants and spit into my asshole.
Wait I said, ":let me get lube"

"Be quite" he barked.
He moved my body so he could watch the porno, I tried to look back at him, but he said "don't not look at me"
My face was pressed into the face, but I could see his muscular legs tense has he crouched forward to slide
into my asshole. He move his dick up and down over my hole. I could feel the slimy foreskin make my hole
wet and slippery. He reached forward and pulled his hands over my face, it was still covered in cum and used
it to lube up his dick.

His foreskin retracted, and felt the full hardness of his cock head press into my hole. He pushed in steady, slow, hard and deep.
It hurt like hell, which is what he wanted, my ass stretched and ached to accommodate his huge fuck pole. He drilled deep into my asshole.
Amazingly enough I could feel the foreskin inside my ass. He quickly started to trust forward, hard and very very deep. My hole
loosen and became very wet from the precum and jizz from my face.

His fucking was relentless. My hole opened completed and he was slamming into me with full force. He hairy balls pounding into
my ass. He was sweating and I could smell his musky body odor. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back even further, It was
truly the fucking of a lifetime, you know, when I guy really pushes you to the edge. You feel like your going to cry , cum and piss all at once.
You asshole is completed respective and open. You just want it harder and deeper no matter how much it hurts.

He began to tease my hole, pulling all the way out and then slamming back in full force. Then It happened. He slammed deep into
me and let out a load grunt. I cock throbbed rock hard deep inside me, I left his erection push up against my gut and then I felt
a steaming hot blast of cum , explode deep inside me. His cock twitched and and jerked, pumping me full of his cum . He pull out and
I felt a torrent of cum flow from my ass.

Demitry , similed and said , "you happy now"

They both got dressed and were ready to leave in minutes. I walked them to the door. Cum was still running down my legs.
Demitry said, "next time I bring more!"

I can't wait.