Bonus washroom sex and public sex story

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One of my best conquests was a strip join in Seattle. I have always liked straight strips bar. Tons of men walking around with raging hard, and often wearing only track pants that offer very little support. An incredibly hot 25ish year old guy was enjoying one of the stripper in the bar. Screaming and yelling about how beautiful her tits were and what he wanted to do to them. He was wearing tight blue jeans that were bulging to the point of looking painful. I had just finished a beer and was heading to the washroom. I stood at the urinal longer that was necessary to ensure that I got a peek at all those semi hard pre cum dripping straight cocks.

Just as I was about to leave, Mr. 25 year old hottie comes in. He steps up to he the urinal and unbuttons his blue jeans, slides his fingers underneath the waistband of his underwear and pushes it forward and then behind his balls. Holy fucking shit!!!! A truly massive rock hard cock was standing straight up against his hard stomach. He swayed a little from the 4 or 5 beers in his system, and chuckled a little as he put his thumb behind the head of his cock and put it forward toward the floor, and let it go. It slammed forward against his stomach and pre - cum smeared on his hard abs . "Dame she's good, cant get the fucker to go down even to take a piss" .

He stood there swaying just a little while he looked up at the ceiling. I stepped back from the urinal and started washing my hands, all the time trying to make eye contact with him. Looking over my shoulder I could see his arm moving in a very familiar "I'm jerking off " motion. I move to the other side of the washroom counter area of a better view. He seemed unconcerned with my presence so I move back to he urinal for a better view. Fucking beautiful cock, at least ten inches, incredibly thick and uncut. He moved the foreskin back and forth and occasionally would squeeze out precum to moisten underneath the foreskin. I shot him a half smile from the corner of my mouth. He said " ya gotta do what you gotta do" . I whispered " sorry for noticing, but that is a hung fucking cock". "I like it" he replied. He seemed quite comfortable with my present so I moved one urinal closer to him. "Are you a Fag" he asked. "I have been know to suck cock" I said. "You want to blow me don't ya ?" he asked "Absolutely!" I replyed He turned his torso towards me , which I interpreted at a invitation to suck his dick. With adrenaline coursing through my veins, I leave forward a took his cock into my mouth. I slowly licked and gently sucked the head and moved slowly down the staff. I cupped his massive balls into my hand and gently squeezed until mouth reached the base of his cock.

He liked it, he liked it alot. The hung strangers started to thrust his hips forward to force his dick deeper into my wet throat. I positioned my head at just the right angle to allow clear passage deep into my throat. I felt the head of his cock swell against the side of my throat. It was over in second... A few quick thrust down my throat, and a few quick storks with my hand a his thick load was blasting deep down my slippery throat. He pulled out of my mouth and walked away without saying a word. I have gone back many times since, but have never had an experience like that again.

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Bonus Sex Story Number 2 A day at the Rest stop

I was traveling on business through a fairly small town in rural Alberta, Canada. I had driven for several days and was quite tired and was looking for a rest stop to wash up and maybe grab a bit to eat. I saw a large exit sign and pulled off the highway into a large rest area. It was about 4 in the afternoon, the place was fairly quiet, only a few big rigs and some smaller family cars. I decided to wash up before heading into the cafe across the street. The washroom was quite large, with 4 urinals and 4 stalls.

I washed my hands at the sink, and them went into the stall. It had a gloryhole, actually it had two, one on each side! I have sucked plenty of cock in larger city rest stops, but I had never seen one in such a small community, I was very surprised and pleased. I sat down and lit a cigarette, thinking that I would not see any cock unless I stayed there for 4 or 5 hours. I was wrong. In a matter of minutes, I hear footsteps and the bathroom door opened. I leaned forward to take a peek from under the stall and watch him walk in, the guy was wearing Nike running shoes and sweats. I quickly pulled my head back as he entered the stall next to me.

When you are out cruising it is always a good sign if the guys gets into the stall immediately next to yours. He dropped his athletic running pants and pushed them all the way down to his ankles. Another good sign that he might be into having his dick sucked. I leaned forward just a little to peek through the gloryhole, a rock hard cock was jutted straight up from between his legs, foreskin half retracted and dripping thick treads to clear slimy precum. I moved closer to the hole, so he could see my mouth. He them stood up, moved up to the glory hole and slowly moved his cock through the hole. I positioned by face at the glorhole to receive the massive thick uncut cock. At first he gave me only an inch or two, I gently sucked the head and moved my tongue around the foreskin, squeezed the shaft and licked all the clear precum that dripped from the slit.

"Suck it" he groaned in a deep rumble

"Suck my dick, cocksucker", "you need it don't ya cocksucker"

He was trusting forward a little now, giving me about 6 of the remaining 8 inches. He was fucking my face hard and deep, I was trying not to gag, but it was hard not too, he pushed all 8 inches into my face and down my throat. I was drooling with all the saliva that his throat fucking was producing, he entire shaft was wet, and a large puddle of saliva was collecting at my feet has my mouth overflowed. The bathroom door opened again, we both stopped silent, me with his dick still buried deep in my face. The new visitor walked into the stall on the other side of mine. I pulled back off the huge cock that was still sticking through the gloryhole. The new guy wasted no time getting his pants down and I could see him stroking his cock from the shadows cast on the floor. When I leaned forward and peeped through the second gloryhole, I could see the new guy's cock. I was a beauty, 9 hard inches, cut and standing to attention.

The guy have a hard firm body, he was wearing some kind of uniform, with a air conditioning logo on it. He had unzipped it all the way and it was gathered around his ankles. He was also wearing a tight fitting standard white t-shirt. Which he had pulled up over his head and was tucked behind his neck. His hard chest and 6 pack of rippled abs were amazing. I felt safe to go back to work on the cock that was still throbbing, rock hard in my face through the other gloryhole. I started sucking the uncut cock again. The new guy started reaching through the other hole and playing with my ass through my jeans. He then reached around my waist for the button on my jeans. He fumbled a little, but had them open in a few second, I continued sucking the uncut cock.

The new guy then pulled my jeans off my hips and gestured for me to move my ass closer to the hole. I positioned my ass up to the hole, and still had my face at the other hole, with a huge cock balls deep in my face. The new guy went to work on my hole, I felt his wet fingers move around my hole, searching for that area where the flesh opened and he could get inside me. He found it, and pushed forward, hard. His wet finger slide in and out a few times, them he added a second finger. " I'm goin fuck your ass hard dude" . The first guy agreed, "yeah fuck his ass while I dump a load of cum down his throat" I removed the dick from my mouth for just a second, while I watched over my shoulder as the hung stud got ready to feed me his massive tool.

I watched him stroke his cock a few times through the gloryhole. I saw spit drop from somewhere above and land on the head of his cock, he stepped up to the hole and my ass. He moved the head of his cock up and down past my puckering hole several times, teasing me , then pushed forward, giving my the just the head. I moaned, and turned my faceback to the uncut cock in front of me, and went back to work on it. The hung stranger moved deeper and deeper into my ass, and I felt my hole open up as his thrust got harder and even deeper. I was being fucked on both ends, amazingly enough their stokes where in rhythm. The entire stall was rattled as both studs pounding into me. I could tell they were both close, the rhythm and intensity was increasing.

The first guy started bmoaning, "oh man, I am goin shoot" "Me too man", grunted the other guy inside my ass. The last seconds are all blur. I felt both cocks stiffen inside me, and them they staring pulsing. I felt the blast in my throat first, the hot jizz shoot out and hit the back of my throat. I swallowed hard, but could not keep pace, my throat filled and I could taste the cum as it filled my mouth. A loud roar was let loss on the other end of my body. The second guy shot. The throbbing sensation was intense, I thought he would lift me of the floor. He buried it deep inside me, and I felt the head of his cock swell, and the hot blast a cum , shoot deep into my gut. That was followed by several more thrust and hot blast

. Both men stayed inside me for a few second longer, they cocks softening in my wet used holes. The last few throbs and twitches sending me into fits of ecstasy. Both men pulled out at once, and where out of the stall in minutes. I collapsed back on the toilet with a face and ass dripping cum. Check back next week for a continuing story.....